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Keeping Mum, collaborative & socially engaged art project (2008-2010)

Keeping Mum was a collaborative art project with members of Clare Birth Choice, activist group, a midwife and a hypnobirth instructor.  Together we created an exhibition of work based on memories of birth which we toured nationally and internationally.


Between 2008-2010 we attended a range of conferences including the Birth Project Conference in Trinity College Dublin, International Women’s Day Events hosted by Clare Women’s Network and also one hosted by Banulacht and the National Women’s Council of Ireland. The exhibition featured at a Home Birth Conference and the annual conference of what was then called the Association for Radical Motherhood (ARM) at York University, Toronto, Canada, this organisation was later re-named the Motherhood Initiative for Research & Community Involvement (MIRCI).


Our vision was to raise awareness of birth experiences in our maternity services and consider ways it could be improved.

Keeping Mum Cecilia.jpg
keeping mum, birth project conference, t
Lesley KM.jpg
sheela-na-gig workshop, kilnaboy, co cla
Keeping Mum exhibit, Violence Against Wo
Armella, Cecilia Silvia.jpg
jo keeping mum iwd clare 2009.jpg
Keeping Mum, set up
'Keeping Mum' & Nell McCafferty.jpg
Andrea O'Reilly ARM annual Conference Yo
km iwd croke park hosted by banulacth an
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