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2021: 2 Chapters:

(1) Practising Birth Activism: The Campaign for Mandatory Inquests for Maternal Deaths in Ireland

(2) Uprooting Childbirth:  from Home to Hospital Birth in Twentieth Century Ireland in

Birth and the Irish: A Miscellany ed Dr Salavador Ryan, NUI Maynooth

2020: ‘Does the place where we are born matter?' 

Journal of the Motherhood Initiative, Special Issue: Maternal Health and Well-Being, Spring 2020, Vol.11, Issue 1. (July 2020)

2018:  ‘Hidden in Plain Sight: Mapping the Erasure of the Maternal Body from Visual Culture’, Untangling the Maternity Crisis. Editors Nadine Edwards, Rosemary Mander & Jo Murphy-Lawless, Routledge, London

2010:  ‘Joining the Dots …Mapping Maternal Identity in Ireland’

The 21st Century Motherhood Movement: Mothers Speak Out on Why We Need to Change the World and How to Do It, edited by Andrea O'Reilly, York University, Toronto, Canada

2006:  ‘We have hardly begun’. Feminist Art History – Conference Review’ Irish Feminist Review, vol.2, National University of Ireland, NUI Galway

2005:  ‘Stitch-Up’, Irish Feminist Review, vol.1, NUI Galway, 2005

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