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(short film)

Martina Hynan & Monique Blom


Canadian based artist, Monique Blom and  I were invited by curator, Moran Been-noon to co-create a response to Char Davies work and the experience was immensely enjoyable and creative and I want to thank them both, and also glór, Ennis, Co. Clare for their support for this project, Dear.www and also PAVED Arts, Saskatoon, Canada who also participated in this collaborative project.

Char Davies germinal work, Osmose (1995) relied on participants’ breath to direct and guide this immersive VR experience. Martina Hynan & Monique Blom’s ShadowBreath is a response work which explores how breath is created when being “with our environment” rather than simply being “in our environment”.

A shadow-spirit-self is conjured in the piece to probe the entwinement of our breath with the landscape and engage with the breath of the landscape.

A review of this exhibition is available at Visual Artists Ireland  by Mieke Vanmechelen 

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